eConsole Release Update (now available for Select, Premier & Premier Plus)

We are excited to announce the release of eConsole for SelectPremier and Premier Plus users!

eConsole replaces the ESI Dashboard, which is the web-based interface to your ESI Cloud Services, including your ESI SIP Phone. eConsole brings a new look and feel along with various improvements – such as a cleaner and faster interface – to provide a better user experience.

To access eConsole, simply use the URL and log-in with your existing ESI Dashboard credentials.

The Office Manager seat is in BETA now. To participate simply click on the BETA button shown in the popup when clicking on the Office Manager icon in the upper right corner of eConsole. All other user types should continue to use the current ESI Dashboard at

For more information, you can read the release notes here for:

  • How to access eConsole
  • Important notes
  • What’s next for eConsole


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